The groundbreaking DigitalFUTURES international PhD program at the College of Architecture and Urban Planning at Tongji University, Shanghai is now inviting applications for its 2020 intake of students. The PhD program builds upon the DigitalFUTURES program of workshops, exhibitions, conferences and publications established by Philip F. Yuan and Neil Leach in 2011.
It looks at all aspects of the digital revolution, including its impact not only on the design and fabrication of buildings, but also on the social and cultural life in our cities.

Students are required to attend a series of intensive courses, and pass all progress reviews and complete their research independently under the guidance of their supervisors.

The program brings together a team of illustrious faculty. Course instructors include: Philippe Block, Mark Burry, Achim Menges, Neil Leach, Shiqiao Li, Mike Xi, Patrik Schumacher, Roland Snooks, Kostas Terzidis, Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen, and Philip Yuan

All teaching and written submissions will be in English.

45000 RMB per year

Successful applicants are eligible to apply for an internal scholarship to cover 60% of fees, once they have been admitted. Although there is no absolute guarantee of this scholarship, all international PhD students who have applied for this scholarship in the past have been successful. The continuation of all scholarships is conditional upon the publication of two scholarly articles each year. However, students are responsible for covering all their own personal costs (application fees, accommodation, transportation, visa etc).

Originally launched as a minimal residency program, this program now requires full time residency in Shanghai, although periods of residency outside of Shanghai for research purposes may be permitted, subject to the approval of course supervisors.

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