Applications are invited from exceptional international students with a strong record of publishing work and receiving awards. Applications from those who already hold academic appointments are especially welcome. The number of places on this program is strictly limited, and competition for places is expected to be high.

A qualified applicant should:
  • 1. Hold a non-Chinese passport
  • 2. Have received a master’s degree or recognized equivalent from an accredited institution
  • 3. Have published a minimum of two academic articles

  • Please note that those who have emigrated from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan must have held a non-Chinese passport for at least 4 years and have studied/worked outside of China for at least 2 of the past 4 years.

    Chinese students may also attend courses on this program, but should apply through the standard PhD application process through the Tongji University website. Please note that the final application date for standard PhD applications is in December prior to the year of commencing studies. However, the number of Chinese students is strictly limited by university regulations to one student per supervisor per year.


    There is no mechanism in place for students to transfer credits from other PhD programs. Students who wish to transfer to this program will need to start at the beginning and take all coursework. However, as noted above, any PhD students with an excellent academic record, who have completed all the course work and academic requirements in advance and has fulfilled all graduation requirements, may have their dissertation defense and graduation brought forward upon approval from the school.


    Applications should be sent to We recommend the use of WeTransfer for the transfer of files.


    Applications are due by 10 March 2019.


    Statement of Purpose

    The 2 page Statement of Purpose gives applicants the opportunity to clearly articulate their professional interests and career objectives. Applicants should discuss specific research interests and possible plans for their dissertation. Their Statement of Purpose should also refer to their academic background, research and professional experience, and any unique aspects of their academic record, such as honors, membership of associations and other activities.

    Resume/Curriculum Vitae

    The resume or curriculum vitae (CV) should outline the applicant’s education, professional experiences, academic and artistic achievements, and published works.

    Masters Degree Certificate

    Scanned copies of Masters Degree Certificates are required. Applicants who have graduated from academic institutes outside of China should hold a degree equivalent to a Chinese master's degree. Equivalency is determined by the Graduate Admissions Office.


    Official transcripts or academic records are required for any master degree studies that have been completed. If academic records do not include official evidence of the award of a degree, applicants must also submit additional documents that verify the degree conferral. Academic records should be issued in the original language and accompanied by English translations if required (usually prepared by your university or government agency, unless the institution issues original documents in English). In general, records or transcripts must be issued by the school and include the school’s stamp or embossed seal and the signature of the authorizing official.

    Passport Information Page

    A scanned copy of the information page from the applicant’s passport is required, where date and place of issue and other information is contained.


    At least 2 letters of recommendation are required from referees who are academic professors. These should be sent directly by the referees to before the application deadline, and should not be forwarded by the applicant. The referees are encouraged to give their personal impressions on the applicant’s intellectual ability, personal character, quality of previous work and potential for undertaking doctoral research.

    Academic Publications

    Applicants should submit at least 2 published academic articles/papers to demonstrate their writing and research skills. Applicants with fewer that 2 published academic articles could still be considered for admission at the discretion of the program directors, on submission of unpublished articles deemed to be of a high enough standard.


    All international students applying from non-English speaking countries are required to submit scores from either the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). A valid TOEFL score is 95 (120 scale) or higher on the internet-based test for a graduate admission, while a valid overall Band score of IELTS is 6.5 or higher on a 9-point scale. TOEFL or IELTS can be waived for those whose education environment is English or the contact advisor at Tongji University strongly acknowledges his/her English proficiency.


    Portfolios should be submitted by email. Hard copy portfolios will NOT be accepted, but personal websites will be accepted instead of a portfolio.



    Successful applicants will be notified by late April. A letter of acceptance and visa application forms (JW202 Form) will be sent to students offered places on the program as soon as possible thereafter.


    Admitted applicants should bring their passport, letter of acceptance and completed visa application form (JW202) to the nearest Embassy or Consulate of the People's Republic of China, and apply for a student visa (X visa). Students should complete their registration at Tongji University before the summer session on the date specified.


    An appropriate annual health insurance is required from every student throughout their studies. This is a statutory requirement of Tongji University and cannot be waived. Please purchase health insurance as early as possible to avoid the delay in enrollment. It is recommended that the insurance be purchased from outside China.

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